11 Things I Wish I Knew About University Before I Started

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts to think about heading off to University. Whether you are an eager fresher bursting with excitement, or an anxious second year struggling for ideas for your dissertation, I hope that this article helps in some way. Now that I am a graduate, having survived three years of university, I felt it was time to share some of the lessons I have learnt, the advice I was given and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way.


Shyness Is My New Superpower

It’s something that has been said to me a lot recently and got me thinking. The phrase “you’re shy aren’t you?” I’ve been pretty shy for most of my life, which can make navigating the adult work pretty tricky. For me, simple tasks like answering the phone can feel like diffusing a bomb. Being introduced … Continue reading Shyness Is My New Superpower

What I Really Think About ‘To The Bone’

Disclaimer: This post contains triggering subjects, mainly anorexia. If this bothers you, I urge you not to continue reading, because I – in no shape, way, or form – intend on harming any of my readers. If you are personally going through any psychological problem(s) or if you know someone who is going through these difficulties, please seek help at your local psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist or a local non-governmental organisation. There is always someone that you can talk to who will listen. I will include some important numbers at the end of the post.

From Procrastination to Productivity…

It’s official. I have finished University and have moved back home for the inevitable future. It can be hard to go from such a structured life of lectures and revision to being free, and as a result I have really struggled with keeping busy and getting things done. Everyone suffers from a bit of procrastination … Continue reading From Procrastination to Productivity…

Is Instagram Affecting Our Self Confidence?

(I apologise in advance that this post seems like a bit of a rant...) Now, I don’t exactly need to point out that we are living in a digital age whereby everybody is living some form of life online. Whether this is an accurate portrayal or not largely depends on the person, but I think … Continue reading Is Instagram Affecting Our Self Confidence?

The Inevitable Revision Tips Blog

Currently, most UK university students will be knee-deep in exams and assessments. So I think it’s about time we had a little chat about revision, managing stress and how to get through January with minimal emotional breakdowns. I will now add the obvious disclaimer that what works for me may not be as effective for … Continue reading The Inevitable Revision Tips Blog

My New Found Appreciation For A Girl Gang

Having grown up in a largely male dominated family, having ‘girlfriends’ was never really my thing. Most of my formative years, I was a bit of an outsider, with one or two really close friends who were normally male. Sure, they were part of larger groups but I never felt very comfortable around them; I … Continue reading My New Found Appreciation For A Girl Gang